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LAURIE - 3prs

LAURIE - 3prs


We redesigned an old favorite, gave it some new life and put it back into the limelight after many requests.  The original was on the dark pink side, so we revamped it in a color blend that is great for tanned skin - but you don't know til you try and we are still looking for the Laurie Model (we give a 6-month supply for a great selfie!)


The LAURIE is simpler, with no creases or wrinkles, and works great on warm toned or tanned ladies in a medium skin tone!  


    This is an intimate item and there will be a zero return policy, of course.

    Make sure you order the style you like best for now!  If you are unsure, then try the variety pack and see what looks best on you!

    When we have a buyer who either finds a style they love more or ends up getting tattoos and doesn't need them, we ask that you pay it forward in your community and gift them to a breastie to try on!

    They may just make their week!


    All orders in the USA are shipped first class tracked via USPS.

    You should be emailed a tracking code once your items have shipped.

    Please allow 2-3 weeks, although most order arrive within the week.

    Please do not message us until you've waited 3 weeks, as USPS warns us that covid has slowed down delivery noticably. 

    Thank you for your patience.


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