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We don't share your information with ANYONE.

If you get an email from us, it's straight from US and only because we want to help make your life better.

We built this website through a commonly used platform (wix) for payment safety

to protect you and us.  We have never had a problem with anything other than slow deliveries from

time to time, and we want to keep things nice and clean and reliable!

In order to do that, we invite you to let us know if ANYTHING alerts you to a problem that we can solve.



NIPPLEBACKS  is run as a Private Members Association.  We create our products with love and share them with those that would like to develop their skills.  We want to share our beautiful, life-enhancing tattoo art to help you love your body again!  We know what you've been through, because we've been there too.


Your lifetime membership is included in you purchase price and nothing else is required for you!  No contracts required, as our works are your own, and we honor your divine ability to create anything your little heart desires.

*All NIPPLEBACKS products are uniquely designed and hand made with Love, our gift to you

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