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A.R.T. Areola Program:

A.R.T. Certified Tattoo heARTists - offering a monthly "AREOLA CLINIC" and gifting at least one restorative tattoo into their community.

They are ALSO offering NIPPLEBACKS placement for you to see what size, color, and style fits you best!  

Monthly mini-events with munchies, mingling, and even guest speakers and art therapy in their studios!  Keep checking back here for new participating locations or ask your local A.R.T. Certified heARTist if they'll be joining in on the fun!

Participating Locations:


Malvern, UK

Becky Barker at Lumina Tattoo


Dallas, DFW, TX

Stacie-Rae at Rebel Muse

Screenshot 2023-10-01 at 5.20.50 PM.png

Madison, WI

Heidi Faye at Heide Faye Tattoos


Seattle, WA

Echo Harmony - Bellingham

website coming this week


Chicago, IL

Ari LaGesse at Tinted by Ari


Denver, CO

Caleb Knobel, Victory Nipples

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