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Missing Something?  Here's your NIPPLEBACK!


Our Story:

I was missing something - it was so hard to face my body after losing my breasts.  My subconscious mind just couldn't make sense of it.  I really didn't know what I lost till it was gone... but I knew there had to be a simple solution...

Hi, I'm Stacie-Rae, the founder and creator of NIPPLEBACKS Temporary Areola Tattoos.  Also the Founder of the A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattoo.

I have been drawing my entire life, and tattooing professionally for almost 15 years when cancer came into my life.  When I faced my own prophylactic mastectomy after a BRCA1+ diagnosis and the finding of a 'large mass' - I realized my true calling and changed my entire career focus.

I do mastectomy tattooing and I teach tattooists how to do Artistic Areola Restoration.  When I was writing my first book on the topic, I drew a bunch of different Nipple Portraits to show them how its done.  Once those drawings were made digital to print the book, an idea struck me!

Temporary Tattoos!!! I emailed a couple of my new nipple designs to a manufacturer and thus began NIPPLEBACKS!  I went on to acquire the design patent for all of Canada, the US, U.K. and Europe!!  These are the first and only of their kind in the world!

I hope you love them as much as I do and they help you feel beautiful in a way that you forgot you could.  Looking in that mirror, my hope for you is that you see the beauty that was always there - the part that your brain is so used to seeing.  Those '2 little circles' really do make all the difference some days.  Here's to your wholeness!


All Designs lovingly created by A.R.T.
Certified heARTists, Find a heARTist in your area by clicking the word above.

They are all highly skilled Paramedical Tattoo Artists who will not only give you an artistic and lasting result, but know how to help you release any associated trauma and move on for good, ready for the next chapter in your amazing life!

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"OMG I actually feel like

a HUMAN again!"  

(through tears upon seeing

herself with nipples again)

"What you are doing for women is nothing short of amazing"


"These are amazing, THANK YOU!!  It's incredible seeing myself with nipples again!"

"Whoever invented this product  cares what a woman feels like after losing your breasts"


"I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I feel so much better about myself within minutes!"

"This is an amazing product and will help me so much.  I can't put into words how elated I feel!"

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