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NIPPLEBACKS are printed on a transparent adhesive, designed to work great on any skin tone that they are darker than.  They will look different on your body than on the white background that you see.  If you can't decide what will be best for you, buy our variety pack and try on our favorites!


The majority of our gallery comes from our brave buyers!  

If you'd like to be one, we will give you a free 6-month

supply of whatever style you love!  

Here's what it takes:

 - Clear, Well-Lit Photo, probably taken by someone else.  It's actually really hard to get a great photo of your chest with a selfie!

 - Cute angle of you, flattering to your body, not just straight on

 - Hide your identifiable features, like jewelry and/or tattoos, put your hair behind your back

 - Your mailing address and preferred style so we can send you goodies if we decide to use your photo!

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