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Pairs are fantastic to have on hand in your studio or to take to your next event.

100 pairs of individually packaged NIPPLEBACKS has an msrp of $500.


Each package comes with 1 pair - 2 units - and a how-to apply card

- in a resealable 4mil plastic baggie.


  • FANTASTIC to take to your local surgeons to build relationships, along with your cards and brochures!
  • IDEAL for consultations as each package is for each client, cleaner for more personalized care.
  • PERFECT for local breast cancer events, as you can simply hand one discretely to a survivor with your card inside, an intimate exchange 
  • SELL individually for $5.00/pair - in your studio to empower your clients to love their body more


Expand your reach beyond your community and cover your entire state while building direct relationships with survivors and previvors, and indirect relationships with their medical team, friends and family ;)


Unique and rare, Patents are pending in 65 countries in 3 continents including North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.  Putting you AHEAD of your 'competitors' - as if you have any - heARTist!


    Most styles will be in the light-medium range unless specified.  There will be a few hearts and darker styles but the majority will be the debbie, amanda, honey, and laurie.

    You can specify your preferences in quantities of 10 via email after you complete your order to -


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