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10 packs of 12

10 packs of 12


Start out with 10 of our regular packages of a bakers dozen to sell in your studio and/or use in your consultations.


Unless otherwise specified, you will receive 2 packages each of DEBBIE, AMANDA, HONEY, and one each of HEARTS, REBECCA, LAURIE, NICOLE


Each package has 13 units for 6 pairs and one extra 'just incase'

in a resealable 4mil plastic bag with a how-to apply card


Wiggle room rate to sell to your local oncologists and surgeons at a 20-25% discount and still keep  20-25% profit

- allows you to build and maintain important relationships in your community


Expand your reach beyond your community and cover your entire state while building direct relationships with survivors and previvors, and indirect relationships with their medical team, friends and family ;)


Unique and rare, Patents are pending in 65 countries in 3 continents including North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.  Putting you AHEAD of your 'competitors' - as if you have any - heARTist!


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