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Here's your belly button - back! 


With so many 'failed' belly buttons from mommy-makeovers, flap reconstructions, c-sections, tummy tucks and other reasons, we thought it would be great to help a woman connect with their torso again.


Thinking about getting your belly button tattooed?  try a temp tattoo on first and see if you like it!  


Each package comes with 6 temporary tattoos, printed on a transparent adhesive and sure to work with any skin tone. 


The ingredients are safe and FDA - approved.  They last about a week, or longer when taken care of with regular washing and a slight dusting of powder, and are easily removed in a shower when they lose their luster.


When you are ready to get real tattoos, be VERY choose with who you get tattooed by, so make sure you choose an A.R.T. tattoo heARTist!


A.R.T. has been teaching tattoo professionals how to replicate the illusion of a belly button for so many years, we decided to create a temporary one for people to try on!


    All orders in the USA are shipped first class tracked via USPS.

    You will be emailed a tracking code once your items have shipped.

    Please allow up to 6 weeks, and they're still blaming it on covid if you can believe that!) - although most orders arrive within the week.

    Thank you for your patience.


    No returns or refunds on these very intimate items! 

    If the style you chose doesn't work on your skin tone, please pay it forward by gifting them into your local breast cancer community and hopefully they will be a perfect fit for a survivor sister!


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