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Ultimate Client Care

NIPPLEBACKS are a powerful emotional healing aid for those who have lost their breasts.  They are an asset to your community AND the medical field.

Provide these life-changing products in your city and state - BE THE ONLY ONE!
(patent-pending and not available anywhere else)

We will work together to bridge the gap - and provide the first step towards permanent wholeness for those in need.

With our clients finally starting to feel whole and complete, we become invaluable to mastectomy surgeons and oncologists who provide post-surgical care for their patients

MSRP - Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price

Pairs - 2 units - 1 pair - $5.00 each msrp

6-Packs - 6 units - 3 pairs - $15.00 each msrp

12-Packs - 13 units, 6 pairs - $25.00ea msrp
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