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With our easy wholesale and distributor options, now you can do even more to become the go-to areola expert in your city and state!

NIPPLEBACKS help your community see you as someone who is invested in their healing journey.

(patents pending in 65 countries across 3 continents - North America, Europe and the UK)

Why Become a NippleBacks Distributor:
Would it help your business to develop tight relationships with surgeons and the local breast cancer community?

Grow Your Areola Clientelle:

Here's your chance to really 'break into' the cancer community in your area.  NIPPLEBACKS are the key - the missing element!

- An affordable and non-commital way for you to change the lives of the survivors in your area.

One artist in every city providing NIPPLEBACKS, will make great waves in playing a role in raising the quality of care for survivorship everywhere!


A love letter to those who still have their breasts...

We aren't jealous of the luxury you get to experience of not knowing what it's REALLY like... look in the mirror and see scars - where we used to see the Nipple/Areola Complex that we took for granted...

We just want YOU to realize how lucky you are now - in the ways that we didn't realize, while we still had our natural breasts.

And we want to help you care for other women like us - in ways we wished we were cared for.

Here's your chance to make it even easier and more fun!

30 Seconds to Wholeness

IMAGINE - the emotional response you will get when you help a survivor feel complete again - in AN INSTANT!

Be Part of the Movement!

Dollars + Sense - 40% profit margin

Ease of Startup - Low Minimum Orders

Mission - Build Trust and Authority

Collective goals - to show the medical field that they need to outsource to us - the real experts!

To create a symbiotic relationship with those who need us most...

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