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The 'SMALL' wholesale pack includes 5 each of:

Pairs ($5ea value) 6-packs ($15ea value) and 12-packs ($20-25ea value)

- For a retail value of $225, 1-2 months worth of stock to sell, use or gift.


Ideal for use at local events or *FRIDAY NIGHT FREEBIES* - where we follow Jayd's idea and offer free NIPPLEBACKS placement for sexy weekends.


Expand your reach beyond your community and cover your entire state while building direct relationships with survivors and previvors, and indirect relationships with their medical team, friends and family ;)


Unique and rare, Patents are pending in 65 countries in 3 continents including North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.  Putting you AHEAD of your 'competitors' - as if you have any - heARTist!


    Shipping under $10 will be included in your purchase price.

    Over $10 will be discussed and then invoiced after shipping.


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