Our First Ever Sampler Pack for Breast Cancer Doctors, Boutiques and Tattooists who want to stock NIPPLEBACKS for their clients.   Realistic 3D Temporary Nipple Tattoos for anyone who has had a mastectomy and lost their nipples.


It is now proven that emotional healing is just as important as physical healing and without it, cancer often returns.


The medical field overlooks this fact and we created a solution that everyone can agree upon!  If a person feels whole and complete, then the trauma of the experience that changed them can reach a deeper level of healing.  It is from this place of healing that a survivor can really move on and embrace their future with excitement and joy!  Help your clients love their body again by stocking the worlds finest, NIPPLEBACKS, making it easy for them to have some fun with the changes and empower themselves to make a choice to get permanent nipple tattoos.


MSRP $450!!!


See for yourself how amazing you can help a woman feel by providing a sense of wholeness.  This is a perfect pack for someone who wants to provide the best quality for their deserving clients!  


30 seconds to wholeness!  Nipples for a week!


Each NIPPLEBACKS Starter Pack includes:


                                                                                   WHOLESALE                        RETAIL

10 - Pairs, Variety of Styles.                                   $ 3.50/ea                          $ 5.00/ea

10 - 6-packs                                                                  $ 10/ea                              $ 15/ea

10 - 12-packs                                                                $ 15/ea                              $ 25/ea


TOTAL VALUE                                                             $ 275                                  $ 450


NIPPLEBACKS are printed on FDA approved materials that are safe to use post-mastectomy and while receiving treatment, once initial wound site is closed.


- NIPPLEBACKS are printed on a transparent background and have a way of looking amazing on almost every wearer. 

- OF COURSE, they look different on skin tone than a white background, so we encourage each wearer to appreciate each style for exactly what they are and to try on many different styles until they find one that they absolutely love!

NIPPLEBACKS Wholesale Sampler

  • Absolutely no returns, refunds, or exchanges on these intimate items. 

    However, you do have our blessing in paying them forward by gifting them to the breast cancer community in your area. 

  • All orders in the USA are shipped first class tracked via USPS.

    You will be emailed a tracking code once your items have shipped.

    Please allow 2-3 weeks, although most order arrive within the week.

    Please do not message us until you've waited 3 weeks, as USPS warns us that covid has slowed down delivery noticably. 

    Thank you for your patience.



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