A Journey. An Experience. A Movement. 

NIPPLEBACKS founder and creator, Stacie-Rae Weir, is a world-renowned, award winning professional tattoo artist who has been involved with the industry since 1989. In 2009, she was diagnosed with BRCA1.

She began designing NIPPLEBACKS by accident back in 2010, while on a waitlist for her own preventative mastectomy and breast reconstructive surgery.


She realized first-hand how hard it was to accept her new body without nipples.

Becoming incredibly disappointed by the lack of tattoo options available to make her feel whole again, she developed the A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattoo and wrote a book to help tattooists achieve realism. To design diagrams for this cause, she took photos of consenting friends to draw realistic portraits of the Nipple/Areola complex. She then made them digital for the book design and had an epiphany....


Thus NIPPLEBACKS were born! Stacie-Rae does her best to ensure the women receiving permanent AND temporary nipple tattoos are getting the care and skill level they deserve. What NIPPLEBACKS aim to achieve is fulfillment of the ethereal body. We offer the highest quality the world has ever seen, so the survivor who wears them can experience a sense of wholeness that nothing else can replicate. Only those who have had their nipples removed can truly understand the impact this has on self-perspective. These products provide access to a level of emotional healing that nothing else can touch. This is a new idea in the world of emotional healing after a mastectomy, but may be the most important and most overlooked aspect of all. Please help us reach survivors by gifting these items to your amazing friends, sharing this page on Facebook and telling your surgeons about what we aim to accomplish.


Needless to say, Nipplebacks and A.R.T. were created out of love, with the intention of empowering women by providing a sense of confidence and wholeness after such a traumatic experience.


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