What the Heck IS a NIPPLEBACK, anyway?

Let us show you

Simply put, a NIPPLEBACK is a hyper-realistic 3D temporary nipple tattoo, created for use by breast cancer survivors who have lost their nipples when they had their breasts removed.  It goes on the same as any simple temporary tattoo, but the result is pure magic.  An important part of your body that has been removed, is suddenly back where it belongs.  This change in appearance can shift the way a survivor views her new body, changing the way she views her entire world!  This important shift in perspective can offer access to deeper emotional healing than you can imagine.


Missing something?  Here's your NIPPLEBACK!

Most mastectomies remove the nipple/areola complex, leaving only scars. Understandably, it can be difficult embracing your new body when there is something missing. Whether or not you've had a breast reconstruction following your mastectomy, and whatever reason you had a mastectomy, we can help you to see yourself in a whole new light!


Each tattoo is printed on 2"x2" paper, with the size of the nipple varying, depending on the style.

Each package comes with 12 pieces = 6 pairs of instant wholeness. They will last 3-7 days, or more if properly cared for.

NIPPLEBACKS are manufactured in the USA, using only the highest quality ingredients that have been FDA approved and deemed entirely safe for use on a healed wound site.  The ingredients have been inspected and found safe for use by cancer patients,  found to cause any problems with cancer treatments, and hypoallergenic.


When it comes to nipples, everyone deserves at least two!

*Temporary Nipple Tattoos can work wonders for people who aren't quite physically healed enough, unable to be tattooed, or just unsure about getting permanent tattoos.

*They can also be really helpful for plastic surgeons to figure out proper sizing or placement of nipples on patients still going through the reconstruction phase.

*They are ideal for tattooists to offer to clients to decide what look, style and placement they prefer.

*Nipplebacks can be a game changer for boosting confidence and a positive self-image, which are critical to the emotional healing necessary for a full recovery after reconstructive surgery. Just stick a pair of these on for a few days and remember what it was like before your journey started!


We will send them straight to your door to try for yourself - so you can surprise your lover, feel comfortable in a big changing room, or even go hit up a topless beach! The choice is yours, do it on your own terms!

If you have more questions about Nipplebacks, please contact us.

We are here with open arms and experience to help you with any information you will need on your journey.

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