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Welcome, Ever After Crew!

Thank you for being the type of tattoo professionals who really want to do the MOST for your clients!

We have the power to heal but we also have the power to harm if our foundation isn't strong enough to do great work in compromised tissue.

Let me help you both connect with your client and with your purpose as a tattoo heARTist!

the A.R.T. way, starts with heART...

DRAW DRAW DRAW - Artistic Ability - You can't tattoo it if you can't draw it!

- Drawing ON PAPER helps you develop the muscle strength required to become adaptable to changing conditions in the scar tissue.  You're worth the effort and so are your clients! 

TATTOOING SCARS - Technical Excellence - Apply your tattoo safely and expertly

- Learn how to tattoo healthy skin WELL before advancing into working in damaged skin

- Master needle choices and machine understanding in the most important work you will ever do

PIGMENT CHOICES - We've created ranges that work with light, medium and dark skin tones.

- The entire system will give you colors that will work beautifully in every person

- And the colors compliment each other.  We suggest using dilution rather than mixing, and allow the clients skin tone to merge with your pigments for natural results.

How To Use These Pigments:



Start your conversation with the A.R.T. Diagram Sheet:

- Colors all match NIPPLEBACKS Temporary Areola Tattoos

- Apply style of choice to your client in the consultation

Once you choose your style of choice, regardless of it's color, 

- Use Stencil Sheets to make a stencil

- Use style reference in the A.R.T. 'CHOOSE YOUR LOOK' book

- Apply a stencil in the size that matches your clients body best

- Bigger is better - a large areola fits a small breast better than a small areola fits a large breast.

Find the set in the range that suits your client - light, medium, or dark

- Start with the areola range that matches your client the best

- Use one areola color and dilute, rather than mix

- Find the nipple and shadow color that works with your client AND with the areola color you've both agreed to

Tag us in your best work!

  • Areola heARTists
  • Ever After Pigments


Learn a simple and effective approach to building a natural-looking areola safely in damaged skin - on paper!


Tattooing Scars

It's ALL scar tissue!!

Take this course to inner-stand what is going on below the surface to tattoo it safely


Healing Tattoos

Become a Trauma-Informed tattoo heARTist.  Manage your clients energy and your own, create a 'safe space'

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