Prior to the creation of the A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattoo, nipple tattooing was only a simple circle, barely enough to provide a survivor with a sense of normalcy.

A.R.T. is the book that changed and inspired an entire industry to do better - EVERYONE is drawing nipples now and it started right here.

A.R.T. is the most innovative movement that the industry has seen,  bringing the following advancements to the breast cancer community, artists and survivors alike:

- sharing traditional tattoo tips to achieve realism in this workbook

- designing the worlds FIRST permanent pigment option for nipple tattooing, the "Pink    Ribbon Series, made by the amazing World Famous Tattoo Ink company, true-to-color, vegan and gamma-ray sterilized.

- offering a traditional tattoo stencil option to put realism first, the first of its kind

- education - helping the most experienced tattooists to advance their work

- inventing the worlds first realistic temporary nipple tattoos, "NIPPLEBACKS"

- educating survivors on what they deserve and how to make an educated decision

- creating the worlds first global database of highly skilled and dedicated tattooers

- MEDARTPRO SKINS - the world's first scarred practice skin so you can learn to tattoo scar tissue effectively without harming your trusting clients, AND its the first practice skin to represent ALL ethnicities!!!  Gamechanger Alert!